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Don’t neglect your blog posts!


Taking the advice of others can be difficult. Heeding your own advice is even more difficult.

I tell clients week in, week out: don’t neglect your social media. Set aside a block of time every day to nurture Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog…

Your blog…

My blog!!

I have been working like the Great Pumpkin on Halloween, toiling away seven days a week. What gets pushed to the end of the line? My own social media, especially this blog. Like the cobbler’s children running around shoeless, I put so much energy into the social media of my clients that I overlook my own bare feet…  er… blog page.

Well, I just had a look at my current Google Analytics stats and, guess what? My website traffic is down. Shame on me! I’m missing opportunities to connect with clients, prospects and other business people. I’m not building community, enhancing my SEO or taking the time to write about what I think about what’s going on in my business and in the industry.

So, here’s my New Year’s resolution, three months late: I will not neglect my blog.





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