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JCPenney is now jcp … WC?

Every day matters!

That’s the new tagline for JC Penney. (Quick, what was the old tagline?*)

As the latest high profile store to rebrand, jcpenney (the department store formerly known as JCPenney) now has a new logo. jcp, as the company prefers to be called, is presumably attempting to fit in with the “lol, omg” young texting set.

The company’s new ad campaign was unveiled this past weekend at Sunday’s Oscars telecast. While I realize that I will probably never walk the red carpet, much less wear an Atelier Versace gown, I sure as heck won’t be shopping at jcp to make me look like a movie star.

It’s going to take a lot more for jcp to change their image as the store for “Plain Jane and Jim in dowdy America” than a new logo, ad campaign or way of signing their name. They need to change the shopping experience, the merchandise and the level of customer service.

It will take more than a new shade of red for me to think of Penney as anything other than the store that I cut through to get to Nordstrom.

*”This is JC Penney”

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